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               iVictory.com is designed to help you improve every area of your life. Success is not obtained in a day it is obtained daily. In this spirit, iVictory was setup to help you quickly and conveniently track your habits so that you can achieve your goals.
Features and Benefits:
* Single page, weekly dashboard at a quick glance shows you: % success for each day of the week, % success for each habit, total weekly score including all habits and a weekly qualitative letter grade. All scoring is through the current day during the week, future days do not count against your scores.
* Having an accountability partner has been proven to help people stay on track, it helps to have someone else see what you're doing or not doing to add that extra encouragement. To help facilitate this, iVictory allows you to share your dashboard view with other users and others to share their dashboard with you.
* To save time on days you did most habits, you can click the day name and all habits for that day will be checked, you can then uncheck any uncompleted habits.
* See your performance history so you can track your progress over time.
* Supports Done/Undone and Count based habits with builtin adding or subtracting so you don't have to keep track of partial actions for a daily habit (for example you can add a cup of water every time you drink one and the habit box will check once it reaches your specified cups of water you target to drink a day).
* iVictory.com is easy, free to use and syncs on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices with optimized interfaces for each. Add as many custom habits as you want, see the sample dashboard below:
May iVictory give you the personal victory you seek in every area of your life. Simply click Create An Account to get started or Login if you are an existing user.